The summer is almost over, here in Buffalo NY. As you are sitting on your front porch on a Saturday afternoon you realize that it’s been awhile since the last time you replaced your roof shingles. Your wife may come running out telling you that there’s a leak on the roof. You may be sitting on your back lawn only to look up to find out that there were cracks on the roof. Unfortunately you don’t have all the time in the world to fix this. Winter is coming, as they all say. Time is of the essence and you must find someone to fix your roof as soon as possible. Where could you possibly go to find the experts in Roofing in Buffalo NY.

Newspapers ads and Yellow Pages

Ah, the tried and true method. Luckily, everybody still reading the papers (or are they?). You could find most of your services that you need on your favorite newspapers. Keep in mind though, These Roofing companies have to pay a lot of money to appear on Yellow pages and newspapers advertisements.

This means that you will miss out on a lot of great quality– affordably priced local contractors. However, if spending extra $$$ and getting bigger name companies Roofers Buffalo NY is something you want, by all means go for it. If you would like to get the best bang for your buck and compare different prices and contractors, then keep reading !

Angies List

Okay, now we are getting to the internet. Although the internet is known mostly for funny cat videos, you could find most of your Roofers buffalo NY needs on it. Angieslist is known to be the elephant in the room for home services and contractors. Angie will automatically compare the price for you and give you the most ideal contractor for your need. As cool as Angie maybe to hang out with, she’s still a middleman between you and the contractors. So you will end up paying extra Dollars in getting your roof fixed. The quality may be slightly better though.


I’d like to think of Craig as Angie’s older, more mature uncle. Although he’s been around for a while and people seem to go to him for advices. Getting him to help you is either a hit or a miss. I must say, Craigslist is probably the cheapest place to find local Roofers Buffalo NY. Just make sure you go to Buffalo Craigslist and perhaps give them a few phone calls. I can guarantee you will find the price that you are looking for there


Last but not least, everyone’s favorite search engine. Google is another way to find the ideal roofers to suit your need. Not only are these contractors you find are affordably priced, there are also reviews, informations, and many other information available. So instead of spending half an hour talking over the phone with a contractor. Just simply going to google and find the most ideal contractors through looking up their websites and services offered. It’s a great way to compare all kinds of services as well !